Tiffany Sebasitan, Realtor

Your Home's Value

Find out what your home is worth in today's market!

Using my wealth of resources I can provide you with an accurate, in-depth Comparative Market Analysis, which will give you a realistic idea of a selling price for your home.

One of the biggest determining factors in determining comparable value is square footage.

When comparing the square footage of homes always try to keep comps as similar in square footage as possible. Figuring out the price of a home on a square footage basis is an excellent way to compare apples with apples. It becomes more complicated when one home has been renovated and another needs work. Don't compare a newly built home's price per square foot with an older home's price per square foot.

There's Square Footage and There's Square Footage

A square foot is defined as a two-dimensional square measuring one foot on each side. If you are looking at a home that seems a little smaller than the stated square footage, it might not be your eyes. Real estate brokers tend to measure square footage by inside room dimensions. Developers like to measure the exterior of the building. This can add considerable square footage to the home.

You also need to find out exactly what has been factored into the equation. Does the total measurement include basement space? Garage space? Deck space? Space on staircases? There's no standard way to measure square footage. Sellers will include every nook and cranny and buyers won't.

Do not solely compare the size of the land the property sits on and the price of the property. Lots sell for different prices than homes and the cost varies greatly from neighborhood to neighborhood. For example, if the house is in terrible shape, or is considered a "tear-down," a developer may only want to pay for the price of the lot, since tearing down and hauling away the existing structure is an added expense.


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